Teens Fare Better When They Have Positive Adults Connecting With Them

The holidays will be arriving this week and for many of us that means more time with family and friends. The holidays then present us with opportunities to connect more meaningfully with the young people in our lives. Often teens will head off somewhere into the recesses of the gatherings to play video games or play with their phones, so our challenge is to then find connect meaningful ways to connect anyway. This may mean joining them in playing video games, asking them to teach us about Snapchat, Instagram and the rest of what is happening on their phone or asking about their hobbys. Take an interest in their world, be truly interested and curious about their world, their friends and what they think about. We need to do this so that they can tell that they are important to us and that we will be there if they need us. And its fun as teens are interesting and thoughtful people and are lots of fun.  Don’t miss an opportunity to deepen a relationship with the young person in your life during the holidays.