This full-color 108-page notebook provides a private place for teens to assess their own wellbeing in eight, interconnected areas of wellness.

Handling Emotions, Relationships, Care of the Body, Stress Resilience, Rest and Play, Spirituality, Organization, and School and Work.

Big Compass Youth 7-15bo

It also helps them learn about:

What they can do in each area to create more health and wellness in their lives

Decide what changes they would like to make to become more healthy

Answer reflective questions  about the decisions they are making everyday

And gives them a place to journal.


This beautiful notebook is meant to promote self awareness, help teens realize that the choices they make each day are the building blocks of their adult lives, and to empower them to make informed decisions that are in their long-term best interests.

When used in a group setting with a trusted adult, opportunities are created for teens to discuss challenges in being well in each area, to brainstorm ways to overcome those obstacles, and create SMART Goals for themselves. Stresses are normalized and authentic community is created.

Teens also learn that if they have a concern in their life there are adults who can help them. They also identify who those adults are for themselves.

Each teen needs a copy of this notebook when used in a group setting.

This notebook is being used by teachers, tutors, youth development workers, therapists, counselors, after school programs, AODA counselors, and by individual teens.  It is appropriate for students in the 8th grade and above.

The Teen Compass Notebook Sample for web-13Click here to download a complimentary sample of the Notebook: Unit One: Organization

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