Big Compass Youth 7-15boThe Teen Compass Wellness Notebook was created to help teens take a look at the eight interconnected areas of wellness in their lives, and help them think about the direction their lives are going.

Just as people use a compass to help check their bearings and make sure they are headed in the direction they intend, this notebook will do the same around the choices teens are making in their lives. It asks them if they are headed in the direction they really wan to be going?  And if not, what can they do differently?

Most importantly, this notebook will help them become more intentional about the choices they make going forward and will help teens make sure they are headed in the direction they really want for themselves.

There are eight important areas of wellness covered in the notebook, each a different unit in the notebook, organized around the four points of a compass. This is the compass we encourage them to use to guide the decisions they make around their health and well-being.


  • Relationships. The ability to create and maintain healthy, life-giving connections with others.
  • Emotions. The ability to express and receive emotions in a healthy way.


  • Spirituality. The ability to develop a strong personal value system and to discover a meaningful purpose in life.
  • Rest & Play. The ability to balance work and play and to renew one’s self.


  • Stress Resilience. The ability to deal positively with the adversities of life.
  • Care of the Body. The ability to build healthy habits and practices regarding your physical well being.


  • Organization. The ability to keep track of and make good use of possessions, money, and time.
  • School & Work. The ability to get the most out of educational, volunteer, and employment opportunities.