teen assessment tool boIn each unit of The Teen Compass Wellness Notebook, one for each area of wellness, teens will be invited to take a self-assessment related to that area of wellness covered in that unit. They will rate their responses to statements in each area. Statements  such as, “I juggle school, friends, family, and other obligations in a healthy way”; “My friends and those who know me well would say that I am a good and trusted friend”; or, “I am able to communicate my emotions in a positive way,” are found in the assessment.

The results are merely a snapshot of where teens are in their lives at that particular moment. The results may be different if taken a month ago, or a month from now, as teen’s lives are always changing.

Taking a wellness assessment like this helps teens make sure they are headed in the direction they want to be going.

One of the primary lessons of the notebook is that all of the areas of wellness are interconnected, and all contribute to a teen’s overall health and well-being.  A change in one area of wellness impacts others as well.